General TheMaxOffer Questions
What is TheMaxOffer?

TheMaxOffer is an information and technology platform that enables its users to communicate with TheMaxOffer Certified Dealers for a great car buying experience. Our mission is simple: make the car buying process simple, fair and fun. Achieving this goal begins with us analyzing the most accurate, timely and comprehensive pricing information available and then making it easy to understand and available to all; free of charge. This kind of pricing information, which has only recently become available, will allow you to recognize a fair price based on what others actually paid. The result: consumers and dealers now have a guide that helps them establish a baseline of trust and agree on the parameters of a fair deal.

We partnered with a national network of more than 13,000 dealers (representing about 35% of all franchised dealers) who share the belief that truth, transparency and fairness are the foundation of a great car buying experience.

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How do I use the Price Report?

On the TheMaxOffer Price Report, we show you what you can expect to pay on average for new cars in your area, based on what other people actually paid for their cars. We do all this so you’ll be confident in your car purchase. Harness the power of this information, recognize a fair deal and essentially become a car buying expert.

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What should I do if the dealer does not have my exact vehicle?

Dealers generally will do their best to match the vehicle you have configured on TheMaxOffer, but many times they will not have an exact match for the car you are looking to purchase. This is not the dealer's fault, but rather a challenge with the way cars and trucks are manufactured and marketed. While some vehicles are produced in large numbers, other vehicles are produced in smaller numbers. To further complicate things, many options or colors will be produced in even more limited combinations. This creates a great deal of confusion for buyers that want a very specific configuration. Ultimately this can affect your expectations when contacting a dealer, so it may be helpful to keep an open mind about what the dealer may be offering as an alternative.

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Is there a fee for using this service?

We do not charge you any fees for using the services. We ordinarily receive fees from our Certified Dealers in connection with the services. In some instances, we also receive fees from automobile manufacturers and/or third-party service providers.

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General Data Questions
Where do you get your data, and how reliable is it?

TheMaxOffer obtains and processes data from well-known data aggregators within the automotive space to ensure that we present the most accurate pricing information available. We also acquire vehicle configuration data, customer and dealer incentives data, financing and loan data, vehicle registration and insurance data, and much, much more. Our data is among the most timely and comprehensive in the industry. Our sampling of the total number of car sales nationwide provides us with significant confidence that our data is representative of the market as a whole. Statistical analysis shows that on the whole, we have 99.1% confidence that our projected Average Paid Price per new car sale in a given week is within $20 of the average price of all nationwide sales transactions during that week. However, please keep in mind that this is the average for all vehicles. If you are evaluating the average price for any specific vehicle (particularly one with very low sales volume), the deviation from the national average for that vehicle can be substantially greater.

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How recent is your data?

Our pricing information is updated weekly, and incentives are checked daily and updated as new information is validated. The transactions we use are the most recent available. TheMaxOffer typically pushes data out to the site within 72 hours of receipt of the data. To ensure relevance, we typically only use transactions from the last four weeks, but we'll go back as far as 8 weeks if the market pricing for a given vehicle is stable enough to be relevant to a car purchased today.

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Why do certain vehicles not have a Price Report?

We are committed to keeping our data up-to-date and accurate. When a vehicle has a very small history of recent purchases, it's difficult to provide reliable price ranges. We believe that not showing a Price Report is a better approach than suggesting or making an interpretation of the price.

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Why is TheMaxOffer's Factory Invoice often higher than the Invoice Price I see on other sites?

Often, manufacturers charge the dealer not only a Destination Charge, but also some additional fees such as extra freight fees, admin fees, fuel charges, and the most typical of all, Regional Ad Fees. Regional Ad Fees is the cost a manufacturer allocates for advertising and promoting the vehicle in the dealer's market. For example, all Toyota dealers pay Regional Ad Fees. These extra fees, like Destination Charges, are a legitimate cost to the dealer and should be added to the Factory Invoice. As a matter of fact, many dealers won't call it out but simply make them part of the Factory Invoice (which could make you believe the dealer is artificially inflating the price, especially when comparing the Factory Invoice found on other web sites). TheMaxOffer includes these Regional Ad Fees and other extra fees, and the curious minds can always see the precise breakdown in our Table tab. This is, however, not a catch all. Taxes, title, license, registration, dealer documentation, after-market accessories, dealer installed options, etc. are costs added by the dealer (instead of the manufacturer) and are as such not part of the Factory Invoice.

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What fees are included in your pricing information?

The TheMaxOffer Price Estimate shown on the Certificate includes the destination fee and the regional advertising fee. The TheMaxOffer Price Estimate does not include dealer installed accessories, applicable tax, title, licensing, and documentation fees, other state and governmental charges and/or fees, dealer-locate fees for out-of-stock vehicles, and any other charges and/or fees allowed by law.

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Do you take consumer and dealer incentives into account?

Absolutely. After you enter your ZIP code, our system identifies incentives applicable in your area.

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Can I license TheMaxOffer's pricing information for my site?

TheMaxOffer has a number of options to provide pricing information on your website. Please contact us at info@themaxoffer.com to find the solution that works best for you.

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Give Us Feedback
I have a great story that I'd like to share about how much TheMaxOffer helped me, who can I send it to?

We would be honored and encouraged to hear how we helped! Please send your stories to info@themaxoffer.com.

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Where do I report missing vehicles or options?

If you catch any information missing from vehicle options, please let us know at info@themaxoffer.com.

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How do I tell you about mistakes I've found on your site?

Whether you are a car buyer and have found a problem with our Price Report, or are a dealer and have the most up to date information on incentives, we are critical about our data, and strive to be as accurate as possible. We want to know!! If you find any mistakes, please send a note to info@themaxoffer.com.

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Trademark Related Questions
Is TheMaxOffer endorsed by or sponsored by automobile manufacturers?

Although TheMaxOffer maintains and/or seeks cooperative business relationships with automobile manufacturers, TheMaxOffer remains an independent company that is not endorsed or sponsored by any particular automobile manufacturer.

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What is TheMaxOffer's relationship with automobile manufacturers?

TheMaxOffer provides a variety of information about vehicle makes, models, and specifications, but TheMaxOffer’s presentation of information, including its Price Reports, is not endorsed or sponsored by automobile manufacturers. However, TheMaxOffer does sell advertising space on its website, some of which is purchased by automobile manufacturers for the display of their advertisements.

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Why are vehicles photos on the TheMaxOffer website not identical to the photos I see on manufacturer websites?

TheMaxOffer generally licenses vehicles photos from independent photographers and/or companies who photograph the particular models you see on the website. In most cases, TheMaxOffer does not obtain vehicle photos from the automobile manufacturers, so the angle, orientation, lighting, and other variables may differ from photos of the same model you see on an automobile manufacturer’s website. Vehicle photos are for reference purposes only, and do not imply any endorsement by, affiliation with, or sponsorship by the automobile manufacturer of the photographed vehicle.

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Does TheMaxOffer sell or service vehicles?

TheMaxOffer does not sell any type of vehicle or vehicle component, and does not service vehicles. TheMaxOffer is a provider of information about vehicles.

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